Fringe Reviews 2018

Fringe Reviews

As per usual (apart from 2016 when stuff went a little awry), I’ll be endeavouring to write a review for every show I see at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

It’s one of my favourite things about the festival now, and it gives me the opportunity to keep my writing muscles flexed and in practice. 

If anyone reading this happens to be taking a show to Edinburgh this year and would like me to include it in my reviews then do drop me an email with a press release at:

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REVIEW: ‘The Writers’ Room’ by Degrees of Error

*Note: The following review was written over a month after the fact due to writer’s block and my being a disaster of a person.*

4 Stars

Brought to us by the ever-talented Degrees of Error, creators of Murder She Didn’t Write, The Writers’ Room provides a new and creative set-up for an improv show. It’s very much a ‘what it says on the tin’ kind of show; a group of screenwriters pick through crumpled suggestions in a wastepaper bin trying to find something with which they can create the next big blockbuster. 

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REVIEW: ‘The Gun Show’ by CoHo Productions

5 Stars

Sometimes, at Fringe, you wander into a show with little to no idea of what you’re about to see. This is one of my favourite ways to do Fringe; researching shows before hand is great, getting handed a flyer on the Mile is great too, but every now and then there is really something to be said for just strolling into the nearest venue and getting a ticket for whatever’s on next. This is how my friend and I spent our last couple of days at Fringe, as using our Space performer passes gave us the luxury of not needing to worry over wasting money and take gambles on shows we might otherwise take more time to consider. 

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REVIEW: ‘Maklena’ by Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club

4.5 Stars

I’ve always intentionally avoided anything by Cambridge theatre groups. I may be myself a bit of a snob but I conversely have always had an inverted snobbery towards the more elite institutions such as Oxford or Cambridge. Being painfully Lower-Middle Class as I am at least allows me to look down in both directions.

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REVIEW: ‘Side Orders’ by Antonym Theatre

4 Stars

Antonym Theatre were one of my favourite companies the first year I came to Fringe, and I remain forever gutted that I had to miss them last year because of scheduling conflicts. This year, however, fortune once again smiled on me, and allowed me to see another show by this creative and talented company.

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REVIEW: ’12’ by 3BUGS Fringe Theatre and UoB LGBTQ Association

4 Stars

Yet another Shakespearean outing, and another creative interpretation of a classic work by the bard. I do love a good reimagining of a Shakespeare play, as long as it stays true to this source material. Luckily this production manages to both respect and honour the original play, whilst having an immense amount of fun with it.

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REVIEW: ‘Follow Suit’ by Silent Faces

5 Stars

My initial vocalisation of my thoughts on this performance immediately afterward was “Bizarre but Brilliant”.  I’ve had a few days since then to mull things over but I think it remains the most concise and accurate way I can describe this show.


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