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REVIEW: ‘The Dip’ by Milk and Blood Theatre

5 Stars

Entirely and utterly insane. I had zero idea what was going on in this show for almost the entire 50 minutes. Literally nothing about this show makes any logical sense to any reasonable person. And I loved every moment of it!

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REVIEW: ‘Anything You Want’ by Warwick Improv

4 Stars

I do think Improv shows are at their best when they have a specific gimmick or quirk that makes them unique amongst Improv shows. 

Anything You Want has that. An existing improv technique yes but the first time I’ve seen it done, and the only one, so far as I know, at the Fringe this year. The interconnecting circle of characters and narratives that stem from a single-word suggestion is a beautiful device and, at least on the occasion I was there, creates a truly memorable and engaging show.

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REVIEW: ‘Number, Please’ by Paprichoo

4 Stars

Sometimes you stumble into shows at the EdFringe; shows you know almost nothing other than it happened to be on next and the description was interesting. And occasionally those shows turn out to be real gems. Number, Please, I’m happy to say, was one of those shows. A female lead, 1950s, spy comedy, it manages to get the most potential out of each of those elements.

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REVIEW: ‘Face 2 Face’ by Two Stones One Bird

2.5 Stars

“Technology is bad, m’kay”.  That seems to be essentially what this show boiled down to. It was heavy handed and shallow with a very tired message that  I’m kind of sick to death of seeing media use. The entire thing has an unpleasant air of shallow smugness, determined to paint anyone the slightest bit appreciative of modern tech as rude, unpleasant, and unlikable. It’s not just the message isn’t even a good one, it’s also just how heavy-handedly the play forces that message down your throat. It’s unrelenting and poorly handled with the characters you’re meant to like and root for coming across as insufferably self-righteous.

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Fringe Diary ’18 – Day 2: Burgers, Parcels, and Incest


The morning started much the same as mornings do here: rolling out of bed, chatting in the living room for a fashion, and then mustering the energy to get ready and make our way into town. I went a little ahead of everyone else this time, bought a couple of eye-patches from a costume shop and then stopped by my favourite coffee shop on the Mile for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. I also had a lovely chat with a friendly stranger who let me share her table (one of the best things about Fringe is easily befriending strangers). 

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Fringe Diary ’18 – Day 0: Coach-Hella


August is here and it’s Fringe time again! This time I’m writing and directing again, in partnership with my flatmate this year, Frazer (even if everyone kind of knows I have more power but we’ll leave it there). This year’s show is Upcastle Downcastle,  a ‘pantomime for grownups’. It’s been a lot of fun to write, direct, and perform, and with the cast we have, I’ve high hopes for this being another fun adventure in Edinburgh.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Show Rankings

Nearly four months have passed since the end of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017, and I have only now (for a variety of reasons but largely my own shortcomings) finished the last of my reviews.

That done, I have finally been able to compile my official list of all thirty-eight shows I saw, ranked in descending order of what I, purely in my own personal view, considered the best:

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REVIEW: ‘Elegy for an Echo’ by Gin & Chronic Theatre Company

*Note: The following review was written over two months after the fact due to writer’s block and my being a disaster of a person.*

4.5 Stars

The premise of this show is original and intriguing; a pill that allows a person to interact with a deceased loved one, recreated from their sensory memories. It may have similarities to existing sci-fi films, books, etc, but I have never seen exactly this concept done before, and its done pretty damn excellently. Continue reading “REVIEW: ‘Elegy for an Echo’ by Gin & Chronic Theatre Company”